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Västerås - the complete guide!

So you are touristing in Sweden? Don't bother to go to Stockholm unless you have gästlisteplats, Gothenburg is full of alkisar and the Ice Hotel in Lappland has melted by now. And the nature is boring and full of knotts. So distiguished foreign guests, welcome, bienvenue, willkommen, we give you... Västerås!

Västerås - the cucumber city by the beautiful Mälaren!


The great thing about shopping in Västerås is that you can stay indoors all day. An intricate virrvarv of gångar ties the many malls together and you can do all your shopping in mysbyxor and flipflops in alla väder.

If you want something else than womens clothing and indredningskrimskrams you will have to go to the ytterområden like Hälla and Erikslund where you will find bargain prices on microwaves and grillkol.


What!? We can't believe you never heard of the world famous Månhuset by the great local artist Mikael Genberg. Månhuset is cabin on a fake moon and sometimes the people of Västerås amuses themselves with att spränga skiten i luften. Micke Reuter is another famous artist. If you are lucky you can catch a jippo with Reuter where he will tejp stuff on himself and set fire to his own farts.


You will have a good chance of seeing swedish illusuionist Joe Labero as he trollar in Konserthuset very often. At Taj Mahal you can enjoy ear-bleeding punkrock and lukewarm stora stark and at Ica Maxi Hälla you can sometimes see local sångfågel Marie Picasso sing and sign records right next to the trädgårdshjälpmedel. A range of nightclubs ensures that you can tok-dance to Justin Timberlake on almost every night of the week.

Power Meet

Once a year Västerås gets invaded by thousands of raggare, nobody knows where they come from. For almost a whole week the raggare "cruise" around the Cityring in big noisy american cars, soil public parks and show their asses to bystanders. During this time the people of Västerås stay in their homes and write angry insändare.


If you are a visitor from Japan you will be skitglad to hear that pop mega-star Pandora resides here in Västerås. You haven't heard of her? Well she lives here anyway. The city center is full of historic celebrity spots. For instance where rapper Promoe got caught snatting a packet of sojabönor. If you are lucky you can even catch Fronda fika in Punkthuset.

Eating and drinking

Welcome to the city of cucumbers! The city of Västerås offers a rich variety of mouth-watering lunchbufféer. All of them comes with a side order of Eldoradomajs and Rhode Island-dressing. And why not savour the rowdy atmosphere at Burger Corner at two a clock in the morning? If you fancy the fancy stuff. We recommend Frank on the big square. But plan ahead! They have a year long waiting list since they only have four chairs.


Why not take a pleasant stroll among the picturesque wooden houses at Svartån (Black river). Unfortunately there are not so many of them left so the walk will only take three minutes. After that you can walk to Djäkneberget and see where the famous Vem vare som kasta?-film on Youtube was recorded. Lögarängen is also worth a visit. It is the riviära of Västerås.


Swedbank Arena is the home of the pride of Västerås - VSK fotboll or "Greenwhite". Here you can see famous strikers as Patrik Grönvall and Joonas Botold grand achievements in norrettan. And with a little luck you may witness a real fotball riot and participate in the local fun of shouting könsord to snuten.


For only 1 500 SEK you will have the pleasure of staying a night in a wooden cabin in a tree.

Björn Berglund

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